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Healthcare Products for Every Need

Chronic Condition Monitoring, Practice Management, Communication, EMRs

  • Appointments, Practice Management, Lab Reports

    Dental Connect

    Manage Appointments, Prescriptions, Visit Records, Dental Reports

  • Chronic Care, Diabetes, Weight Loss, Pregnancy, IVF

    Chronic Care Patient Connect

    Monitor and Consult for Diabetes, Obesity, Pregnancy & Hormonal Treatments, Pediatric Growth etc.

  • Hospital, Nursing Home, Reporting, Nursing Staff

    Nursing Home Management

    Manage Patient Registration Workflows, Staff Allocations, Daily Reporting

  • Blood Bank, Donor Messaging

    Donor Connect

    Ensure a Regular Supply of Fresh Blood from Verified Donors

  • Emergency Response, ER

    Emergency Response

    Enable Quick Communication with a Designated Response Team

  • Lab Connect

    Deliver Reports Fast & Cost-effectively to Patients and Doctors

  • Static App, Portfolio

    Informative Portfolio Apps

    Promote Your Brand and Provide Patient Education

  • Support Groups, Patient Forums, Patient Communities

    Patient Support Communities

    Help Patients to Connect with Others Like Them for Moral Support, Awareness, Help


Software put to good use in Healthcare

A simple way to provide quality care and enhance your brand!

Quality Care for Diabetes

Complete Hospital Management

Dental Practice Management

Regular Blood Donations

Fast and Efficient Lab Report Delivery

Patient Support Groups

A Platform for Comprehensive Healthcare Management!

Clinical Support, Patient Care, Practice Management, Customer Relationship Management - All That You Ever Need!


Get health status updates from your patients
Enable alerts & reminders for your staff/team
Post health advice on the app & on social media
Exchange chat messages with your staff/team


Provide contact details, visiting hours, and services
Talk about your specializations, panel of doctors
Share photos of events and success stories
Link your website for a comprehensive tour


Access EMRs from anywhere in a secure way
See progress of any patient from anywhere
Create analytics for your practice
View graphical reports

Patient-friendly Apps

Better customer care leads way to a healthier business!

  • 1

    Adapt popular technology

    Leverage the increasing usage of smartphones to reach more patients

  • 2

    Retain patients

    Stay in their minds for better loyalty via outreach updates regularly or personalized deals and messages when needed

  • 3

    Attract new patients

    Happier patients are more likely to recommend you to their friends via email, SMS, and social media through the app!

  • 4

    Increase your revenue!

    Use the Bhramar Hot Buzz facility to lend advertizing space to pharmacies and diagnostic labs.

Customer Speak

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The app is very simple to use. It takes away the burden of appointment and visit logging from my staff.

Dr. Sanjeevani Nene
Orthodontist, Choice Dental Clinic

We were able to scale fast with this product. The team has always provided prompt customer support.

Dr. Pramod Tripathi
Diabetes and Lifestyle Specialist, Freedom from Diabetes, iHealth Clinic

My patients were able to achieve better health outcomes by staying in touch with me through our hospital apps.

Dr. Arati Shahade
Diabetes Specialist, Shahade Hospital

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